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I wanted to let you know that our puppy BEAR is doing wonderfully! We lucked out being last and getting what we thought "shy" puppy. She is a real joy to have around the house and surprised house broken from day one. Bear is so intelligent, to let us know it is time to go. We are also able to let her food out all the time as she only eats when hungry.

Thank you for a wonderful Bernese Mountain Dog! Alan


It's been two years since we picked up Bear. What can I say, she is the best!!! She is now over 120 pounds and no fat what so ever, she is very active and runs at speeds I did not think a large dog her size could go... Thanks so much for breeding!!!


    We have had the puppy a week.  He is doing great.  We named him Angus (yes,like the cow).  He got to play with my brother's big poodle, and warmed up quick to our other Bernese.  We have taken a million pictures, but this one my daughter took is unique.  I thought you might enjoy it.  She was, at first, upset that he wouldn't sit still, but catching him in mid-leap turned out cool.

    It was good talking to you today.  Attached is my favorite picture of Beau. My daughter took this a couple summers ago.  She won a photo contest with it. I think it shows his laid back, relaxed personality.  He is a wonderful dog, we are so glad to have him.  We got him from you Jan of 2008.


   I didn't know if it would interest you or not but we took the male we got named SIMBA to the APRI show in Moberly last week. He did really well. He got his championship, best in group, and his first leg to a par excellence. You are more than welcome to use these pictures to show to customers.


 Gracie is doing well and settling down.  She is so intelligent!  


    We've found out she likes raspberries too!  She can't get to the bush, so she sits on the other side of the wire and lets me drop them in her mouth.:)


    We have really enjoyed her and get compliments every time we take her out for a walk.

Hi Nancy,
   Hope you are doing well.  Our puppy Austin Edge will be two in November and he is such a beautiful dog.  Our baby boy will be one in October and he is best friends with Austin.  Thought I would share this video with you! Thank you for breeding such a lovely natured dog.
                                                    Kind Regards,

Hi Nancy-

   Wanted to let you know that Bella is doing great!  She has been to the vet at Petsmart ( Banfield- they have a great wellness program for dogs…vaccines, office visits, spay/ neuter etc) and has started puppy school at Petsmart.   Let me tell you- Bella is the star at that store…all of the employees love her!  In fact one cashier- bought Bella a toy!    The Vet said that she is in perfect health and we go back on Saturday for the next set of vaccines and puppy school.  She is doing great with the kitties- they let her play with them and they are getting along great…no growling or hissing from anyone!

   Several people have stopped me and inquired where I got Bella-  I have given them your website info...    Thanks!    Gryta and Bella

Hi Nancy-

   Hope all is well with you and your family!  Bella turned one yesterday- she is such a beautiful, sweet girl!   She now weighs about 73 pounds and probably is still growing….She is now tall enough to siphon things off the counter ( like a hot dog bun the other day)  crazy girl!    She is as sweet as can be- and knows no enemies ( animals or people)!   I can’t tell you how much Bella blesses my life every day!   

   I am going to enroll Bella (and myself )in advanced Dog training and get her Canine Good Citizenship certification….I may have her visit nursing homes etc. to brighten other people’s days…

   Here is her Christmas picture- that I took of her this morning.  

Gryta 2009

Schrock Family,

   We wanted to let you know that our puppy Max is doing wonderfully!  He is a real joy and growing like a weed (a big black, white and rust colored fluff ball weed).  The Berners are so intelligent, everything we hoped for and more.  Max has already passed 30 pounds and his three vet visits have indicated that he is in great health. 

   Thank you for a wonderful companion (family member).          Bob, Katie, and Max

Hello, this is Kendy, I bought the puppy you guys called Tubbs. 
Tubbs was re-named to Finnegan & is doing so well! He's nearly 4 months old now & pushing 45lbs! He's up to date on his shots & does great with trips to the vet!
He's still pretty mild-mannered, but not too quiet these days! He talks & let's me know what he wants! He also loves play time with other dogs! He's made pretty good friends with my boyfriend's 2 year old pit-bull, Scrappy; he even wears Scrappy out!
He's started loosing his puppy teeth & is growing like crazy! I've signed him up for training classes at a local pet store, I'm sure he will be super excited for more dog interaction!
I've attatched a recent photo of him, he's beautiful & get compliments everywhere he goes!
Hope to hear from you soon!! =)
Have a wonderful day,

Also I've attached a more recent picture of him! He weighs about 120lbs now & we live in Colorado, in the mountains! He's a real mountain dog now! =)



   A couple of pics from today of Luna. She’s getting so big. Loves to run and play with the kids & gets along well with the barn cats. She’s a great addition to our family!


   When my husband first wanted to add a Berner to our dog family I was not sure.  After we picked up our Benny there was never another doubt that we had found a spectacular dog that will live in our hearts forever.  We could not have loved him more and are looking so forward to getting our next pup from you in August.  Thank you so much for allowing us to have over nine years of love and joy with this dog.  We think of him every day.

                                                 Melissa & Gerald

This is Daisy! She’s 21lbs now!

Courtney    2021

   Just checking in!  Bhakti has stolen everyone's heart!  The other dogs are getting used to her.  They want to play but the poodle pup is just a bit too big and exuberant for her. Although she sure can tell him exactly what she thinks! She's a smart cookie too! She's doing great!  Eats well.  Loves to cuddle.  Definitely trying out her new sharp little teeth!  But she is learning "no bite! " She knows how to sit. And is learning 'heal". And she let's us know when she needs to go out!
Beverly 2020

Besties already. ❤️ Our new puppy is the best. Thank you so much. He’s getting so much love.



Getting used to Montana.  Thanks for raising such good dogs. Nash is growing fast.  He loves the snow we got last night! Steve

Just thought we’d send you a photo today of Roxie sitting on our deck (that needs to be re-stained soon). She is a great pup and we are really enjoying her! 
Mark 2020

Good morning, Nancy.

Rosie was given a clean bill of health by the vet and she’s had a great first two weeks at her new home and family. We love her!

Jared 2020

Thank you so much! She is a gift!



    Just wanted to let you know Sammy is doing great.  He and our golden retriever are fast friends already.  They are playing together a lot even though Kody is 108 lbs.  Kody is so gentle with him and Sammy is not daunted he sneak attacks him.  Kody is always bringing him a toy.  He acts like a mother hen when the puppy yaps or whines.  We went to the vet yesterday and all checked out fine.  The only thing lacking is my sleep.  Ha.  Getting up every two hours to take him out and he wants to be around us all the time- so loving and social!  So when he wakes up and realizes he is alone in his crate he sounds off like you would not believe. 
    Thanks again to your daughter as well.  I know she said this pup was her favorite from the litter so let her know he is getting much love and attention. Melissa

It’s been two years since we picked up Bear. What can I say, she is the best!!! She is now over 120 Lbs and no fat what so ever, she is very active and runs at speeds I did not think a large dog her size could go… Thanks so much for breeding!!!


Hello:) this is Sarah and we previously got a puppy from you from the litter born 11/13/11. Our Zoey was the runt of the litter but she was the best dog ever! We are so excited to get another Berner soon! 2021

Katja from Oregon!

  My mom, Nancy, has raised Bernese Mountain Dogs for most of my childhood, and when my husband and I decided to get a Berner there was no other person I wanted to get a puppy from. My mom cares about her dogs and wants the buyer and the puppy to be happy! Katja is happy, healthy, and has done very well with all the different situations we have had her in. She is a smart dog and has done well in learning basic commands. I highly recommend Country View Berners to anyone interested in purchasing a Berner puppy! 2021

Good morning,  We wanted to let you know Finn is doing very well. The Vet checked him yesterday and just as I thought he's perfect! We are 100 %  satisfied with everything from start to finish.  Thank you again!  Jim 2021

   She is doing so well! I am amazed at how quickly she is picking up potty training and she loves her crate which is great. She is more house trained at 11 weeks than our Swissy was at 7 months 😂

She is perfect! Sarah 2021

Nancy,  Just wanted to share a picture of Bhakti. She is such a joy!  So our "little girl" is growing up!  She is a sweet bit of boundless energy!  Paul took the dogs out to the farm to run them for a bit.  Thanks again for such a great family member!  

Beverly 2020


I have never had a dog that talks as much as Bhakti! Not barking but mouthing at us.... in very long sentences! Beverly 2020

   Mrs. Schrock, we are going to Baker creek and will be in your area this afternoon. Would you like to see Beau while we are in the area? He is doing famously!

Rebecca 2021


Bunsen is doing great! He had a clean bill of health today at the vet and follows Ryan around all day long. He loves the cat as well but the cat doesn't love him;)

Ryan & Casey 2021

Moose is loving the car ride!

Trevor 2021


Tuckered out from the big day.Thank you Nancy for the pup, food, leash, toy, etc! We will get her to the vet this week and give you an update then. Lotte loves her big brother!



Bunsen enjoying a walk by the lake! He's such a good dog. Hope all is well!

Ryan & Casey 2021

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