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Our Dogs

- Meet the members of the Country View Family -

Meet Country View Miss Karlee Josephine, June 9, 2021

  This elegant girl fits our family perfectly. She joins us around the farm or for an evening by the pond.  She loves kids and is so gentle. She has such a calm, sweet personality. She makes a wonderful mother with gorgeous puppies.

Meet Country View Miss Lexie, June 19, 2017

   This happy-go-lucky girl has the sweetest Bernese Mountain Dog personality. We joke that she will never grow up and will bounce around all her life:) She is a very protective mother and has raised some gorgeous puppies. She has been a picture of health and vitality. Her puppy-bearing years have come to an end, but she will continue living out her days by our side as we work and play around the farm.

Meet Country View Sir Theodore Murphy, April 10, 2022

   In a short few months, Theo has won a place in our hearts. This teddy bear has us laughing most days. I didn't know so much personality could fit in one dog! He doesn't talk but he tells us his opinion:) He is so puppy yet at a year old. He has been a great addition to our family. We are thrilled with the beautiful, calm puppies we have raised from this handsome boy.

Meet Country View Miss Mollie Justine, March 15, 2021

   Such a gorgeous, broad, stocky dog that catches your eye instantly. Then add that to the calm, easy- going Berner nature and you have Mollie. Of course with a bit of stubbornness. She loves exploring everything and anywhere about the farm. Theo and her make a striking pair. 

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